Tbliz Art

Unique and timeless pieces going beyond the traditional boundaries


About Me

T Bliz Perspective

The California Artist Tbliz creates unique paintings of universal appeal. 

The images are timeless, beyond traditional boundaries.

Originals, limited edition reproductions, and open edition prints are offered to make this exceptional art accessible to everyone.



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What People Say About Us

“Tbliz exhibits a superb mastery of color which he interlaces within his extraordinary compositions. And as always, there is The Heart (his signature really) steady and shining through, its presence always resonating with my thoughts and feelings.”
Dr. Christine George

Art Collector

“Stories of the heart are complex, contradictory and camouflaged. Tbliz captures them all in masterful colors.”
Hearts #174
Edward Heidig

Art Collector

“I am fortunate enough to own a few pieces from this artist. Beautiful, happy, passionate hearts that always make me happy when I see them. Every heart piece is unique and beautiful and evokes a different warm emotion.”
Tura Martin

Art Collector

“To wade through a world of deception and darkness and still come out as a soul who could express such positivity and happiness in your art . . . that is precious. Your paintings are more than just beautiful. They are as sincere as they are inspirational. Seeing your art everyday will be a much needed reminder of how to triumph despite the sadness present in our world.”
Stephanie Choi

Art Collector